Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Upcoming Events and New Website Launch

SFPE CC is pleased to announce the first several events for the 2017/18 season as well as the launch of our new website,

Please go to the new website to register for upcoming events and to sign in/update your membership details. We have many new features planned for the website to keep you in touch with the chapter and to make participation easier and more rewarding.

Please click here to sign up for upcoming events.

This site will be forwarding to the new website shortly.

Noah Ryder
SFPE CC President

Thursday, May 15, 2014

Past Events:

June 15, 2017: Annual Meeting and Student Presentations

May 3, 2017: Annual Golf Tournament

March 21, 2017: Fire Pumps and Controllers

February 15, 2017: SFPE International Technical Update: Research, Tools, and Methods for Fire Protection Engineers

January 10, 2017: Transformative Changes in Fire Protection Engineering

December 15, 2016: Harmonizing NFPA 13 and NFPA 96 for the Protection of Hoods and Ducts

November 2, 2016: Changes to NFPA 13 2016 and re-organization of NFPA 13 for the 2016 edition

October 19, 2016: Updates to UFC 3-600-01

June 8, 2016: Annual Meeting and Student Presentations

April 19, 2016: Joint Technical Training Day

May 4, 2016: Annual Golf Tournament

February 4. 2016: Nitrogren Wet and Dry Systems

January 7, 2016: Updates to NFPA 13

November 4, 2015: Case Study of Sprinkler Performance in 1984 Great Adventure Fire

Sept 30, 2015:Hybrid Special Hazards

June 2, 2015: Annual Meeting and Student Presentations

May 6, 2015 Annual Golf Tournament

April 16, 2015: Improving Fire Safety in Bangladesh Garment Factories

March 11, 2015: Updates on Antifreeze Systems

February 24, 2015: Advances in Fire Protection Systems in East Africa

January 7, 2015: Flexible Sprinkler Fitting Systems

November 5, 2014: Accounting for the Occupant in Fire Safety Design

Oct 7, 2014: Reliable Valve Trailer and Presentation

June 5, 2014: Annual Meeting and Student Presentations

May 7, 2014: 21st Annual Golf Tournament

April 2, 2014: Fire Door Systems Code Compliance

March 4, 2014: Thin Film Intumescent Coating Fire Protection

February 6, 2014: Wireless Fire Alarm Systems

January 8, 2014: Performance and Reliability of Active and Passive Fire Protection Systems

November 6, 2013: Corrosion Solutions in Sprinkler Systems

October 9, 2013: Flammability Characterization of Warehouse Commodities

September 7, 2013: SFPE Annual Crab Feast and Picnic

May 22, 2013: SFPE Annual Chapter Meeting and Student Presentations

May 1, 2013: 20th Annual Golf Tournmanet

April 17, 2013: SFPE Fire Service Considerations

February 20, 2013: Key Changes to NFPA72 for the 2010 Edition

January 16, 2013: Advanced Technologies in Clean Agent and Special Hazard Systems

December 5, 2012: Technical Meeting-Performance Modeling and Acoustical Design Criteria for Intelligibility

September 8, 2012: Annual SFPE Chesapeake Chapter Crab Feast and Picnic.

July 19, 2012: Tyco Fire XChange Trailer: Fire Technology on the Move.

June 27, 2012: June Technical Meeting: Seismic Restraints for Fire Protection Equipment

May 29, 2012: Annual SFPE Meeting and Student Presentations.